Libertad is the Mossad's Technological Innovation Fund
We invest in breakthrough technologies

If you are just getting started and you believe in your vision, we at Libertad are opening a door to a new world of unique opportunities for your startup


Equity-Free Investment

Libertad invests in R&D for innovative, groundbreaking technologies, without diluting the shareholders

Sign of Quality

Libertad's portfolio companies undergo a comprehensive process of examination by our domain experts. This can serve as a significant signal to other investors and partners


Thanks to its boutique positioning, Libertad is able allocate a dedicated team to each portfolio company and maintain a personal, collaborative working relationship

Strategic Partnership

Libertad connects your technology to end-users, giving you access to authentic initial feedback and results from real clients

Fast and Efficient

We have created a simple process that guides you effectively from your first application to signing a contract, in keeping with industry standards

New Opportunities

Libertad's standing and connections in the ecosystem serve its portfolio companies well

Your Success is Our Motivation

How we work

Get in Touch

Send us a one-pager at

  • Tell us about your ground-breaking technology
  • Tell us about your team, your relevant experience, and your motivation for this project. Include a contact number and an email
  • Tell us what sets you apart from your competitors and what added value you bring to the table

Send us any technical material or marketing brochures you may already have


The Road to Investment

Preliminary Evaluation

Screening based on scientific value, technology, team assessments and business potential

Comprehensive Analysis

Thorough due diligence, and an in-depth assessment of key indicators, adding legal and financial viability

Investment Committee

The full R&D program is presented to the investment committee for approval

Get the Ball Rolling

A cooperation agreement is signed by both parties


Absolutely. We welcome proposals involving a wide range of technologies. The technologies featured on the Libertad website provide a general idea of the topics that could interest us, but obviously, the Mossad's need for innovative technologies is broader. So if you believe you have something that might be relevant, go ahead and talk to us

Our model guarantees initial funding as an incentive for early-stage entrepreneurs, at a time when it is usually difficult to recruit investors and therefore sometimes good ideas fail to be implemented. We see these early stages as an advantage and believe our model serves both sides well

We invest in companies with an excellent team that is able to materialize its ground-breaking ideas. Once you manage to put together such a team, we would love to hear from you

An initial response will be given within a few days to a month. After that, the schedule depends on the nature of the company and the technology

Prior acquaintance with defense organizations is not necessary, being neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. From our point of view, anyone can apply, it is all about frontier technology and a strong team

Libertad screens applications subject to its discretion and based on its guiding principles. It is not obliged to carry out business with any company or entrepreneur that approaches it

In return for its investment, the Mossad will receive access to the IP developed during R&D, while under contract and a non-commercial, non-exclusive license to use it. Libertad's contract with the company will not provide it with any additional rights

It is a clear, simple, 7-page contract in English, in which the Mossad and the company will define technological milestones. On each preset milestone, the company will provide the Mossad with the intellectual property (IP) developed to date, and the Mossad will transfer the next installment of funding

Certainly. Libertad encourages its portfolio companies to raise additional capital and assists them in these efforts

No. We are fully committed to confidentiality and mutual discretion

As you can see from the "How the process works?" section, we have streamlined everything – from your first application until the signing of the contract. Knowing startups and how they operate, we made a substantial effort to cut out the red-tape and make things smoother for everyone

Libertad funds the R&D plan of startups. We use a unique investment model, which does not require us to become partners in the company or hold shares in it. The Mossad receives a non-commercial and non-exclusive license to use the developed IP, as agreed upon in the signed contract. The startup that developed the IP remains its sole owner

Our name is derived from the Latin word for freedom, which is at the heart of the fund. On the one hand, the freedom of companies and entrepreneurs in the startup nation to create frontier and breakthrough technologies with a little help from us. On the other hand, it relates to the Mossad's freedom to create a bridge between it and these innovative technologies. Libertad is also the name of a ship that carried Jewish immigrants setting sail from Bulgaria in June 1940 and anchoring on the shores of soon to be born Israel a month or so later


Libertad was founded in June 2017 to serve as the strategic investment arm of the Mossad. We aim to strengthen the organization's existing technological backbone, extend its scope of action and encourage mutually beneficial cooperation with the high-tech industry. To date, the fund has invested successfully in a number of companies, and has established extensive contacts in the ecosystem

We invest in entrepreneurs and promising start-ups focused on frontier, visionary technologies. In return, we do not require shareholding in the company but are granted a non-commercial, non-exclusive license for the use of the company's IP, developed at the time of engagement with the fund

Aiming for our portfolio companies to succeed and thrive, we encourage and assist them in strategic issues, including connecting them to various spheres of the ecosystem

At Libertad we aspire to help nurture promising companies and open doors for frontier technologies that will change the world