Libertad is the first Technological Innovation Fund established and run by the Israel Security and Intelligence Service (Mossad)
Libertad seeks to strengthen both startup companies and the Mossad's knowledge base, operating at the forefront of technological innovation


Technological Innovation

As the first Technological Innovation Fund led by the Mossad, Libertad seeks out promising startups, entrepreneurs, and ideas with a focus on technological research in its early stages.

Common Goals and Mutual Benefits

Libertad aims to support entrepreneurs and startup companies with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Equity-Free Investment

Libertad's fund offers up to NIS 2,000,000 (a larger fund may be approved in special cases) in equity-free capital for R&D of relevant, viable and groundbreaking projects.

Grand Challenges


Libertad's simple but comprehensive process includes the following stages:


Contractual Principles

  • Libertad will finance R&D projects that provide solutions for Mossad technological requirements.
  • The funding is not a capital investment, and is equity free.
  • The maximum funding for a project is up to 2,000,000 NIS, though exceptions may be considered.
  • The period of the R&D project is up to two years.
  • The agreement between the Mossad and the company is based on technological milestones.
  • Each technological milestone completed by the company will be met with an agreed upon payment from Libertad as follows:
    • First milestone (at the time of signing the agreement) 5% of the sum.
    • Second milestone: 30% of the sum.
    • Third milestone: 30% of the sum.
    • Fourth milestone: (end of the project and delivery): 35% of the sum.
  • At each milestone, the Mossad will receive the intellectual property (IP) that has been developed by that time, as defined in the agreement between the Mossad and the company.
  • The Mossad will receive a License to use the IP developed in the project. The Mossad's entitlement to use the IP is Non-Commercial and Non-Exclusive, and does not bestow any rights to developments made by the company beyond the date of the fourth milestone.
  • The agreement with the Mossad does not confer any restrictions on the IP; there is no need to pay royalties, and there are no other restrictions on the company.
  • Anyone is invited to submit a project proposal. To realize an approved agreement with the Mossad, one must incorporate as a legal entity.

Libertad's Initial Application Guidelines

You are welcome to send us an email to Please attach a Word document of no more than two pages, including the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email
  • The subject of the Call for Proposals you are replying to
  • What you are trying to do?
  • How is it done today and what are the limits of the current practice?
  • What is new in your approach?
  • Why do you think your approach will be successful?


What does the name Libertad mean?

Libertad translates from Latin as "freedom" – this is one of the principles on which the fund we created was based: the freedom of companies and entrepreneurs in the Startup Nation to create innovative and groundbreaking technology with our help, and the Mossad's freedom to realize this bridge with technological innovations.
Libertad is also the name of a ship that carried Jewish immigrants, which departed Bulgaria in June 1940 and reached mandatory Palestine about a month later.

What are Libertad's Areas of Interest

Innovative, groundbreaking technologies in a variety of fields are of interest to us. You are invited to closely observe Libertad's areas of interest . From time to time, a new Calls for Proposals will be posted to the public.

How does the Mossad plan to leverage Libertad's portfolio?

Libertad will finance R&D programs of entrepreneurs and selected companies. In return for the financing, we do not expect shares in the company, the financing is equity-free, we put no restrictions on the IP, and do not demand a repayment in royalties. At the end of each development project, the Mossad receives a non-commercial and non-exclusive license to use the developed IP, as stated in the contract signed between the sides. This means that at the end of the funded development program, the IP will be available for the Mossad to use. The company that developed the IP remains the owner, and can do with it as it sees fit.

What does Libertad expect in return for the investment?

Our investment is equity free. The only thing the Mossad receives in return for its investment is access to the intellectual property created during the funded development program, by means of a non-commercial and non-exclusive license to use the IP.

Do companies need to be frightened of collaborating with the Mossad?

The Mossad wants to encourage innovation and creation of groundbreaking technology, to realize its R&D challenges. We have built a simple contractual process. We openly publish the principles of working with us, and the technology developed will be implemented by us, in cooperation between the parties. Our model can ensure initial financing that will boost entrepreneurs at a stage when many ideas are not realized because investors do not rush to pour in funds so early, while we embrace such challenges. We are striving for a WIN-WIN situation, and feel we have built a model that will serve both us and the entrepreneurs.

Are there restrictions on companies eligible to receive funding from Libertad?

Anyone can apply. Companies and entrepreneurs must have innovative, revolutionary ideas that meet our technological requirements, and a strong team. Materialization of the approved program can only be made with an incorporated entity. Libertad is not obliged to accept any submitted proposal. All proposals will be examined and evaluated by Libertad under its sole discretion and in accordance with the applicable rules.

Does Libertad publish a list of companies it invests in?

No. We are committed to mutual commercial discretion and do not publicize the names of companies we invest in.

Is it possible to raise capital from additional investors, besides Libertad?

Of course. Libertad does not restrict additional fundraising. We position ourselves as a unique partner in the Israeli capital investment ecosystem, thus we provide as much assistance and encouragement in raising additional funding as possible.

Government bodies are known to be bureaucratic and take a long time to make decisions. Is this an issue when dealing with Libertad?

Not at all. A clear procedure for applying, being considered and receiving a response is published on this website; Libertad thinks and acts like a commercial institution in every way.

How do I make contact with Libertad?

Libertad is open to everyone. Have you read our Call for Proposals? Do you think you have an idea for innovative groundbreaking technology that could solve one or more of the problems presented, and a strong relevant team? Email us at

Can anyone be in touch, or must you know someone on the inside? Is there preference for retirees or former employees of the Mossad or the defense system?

Prior acquaintance with the defense system is not necessary; it is neither an advantage or disadvantage. From our point of view, anyone can apply, it all starts and ends with excellent technology and a strong team.

What do Libertad's contracts look like?

We have created a simple contract of six clear pages in English. We understand that this is the way to work with startups.

How much money does Libertad actually invest?

We offer up to NIS 2,000,000 for an R&D project. In unusual cases, we may approve larger projects. The investment is materialized upon the signing of the agreement in four predetermined technological milestones, over a two-year period - at most.

What do I need to do in order to receive funding from Libertad?

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to develop an innovative technology that provides an excellent solution to one or more of the problems presented in the Call for Proposals, or a similar problem that you have identified, send us an email to, and we will take it from there.


Contact us for more information through the following addresses: